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Laboratory services for HIP

Benefits Application & materials Process details

Technical support provided to increase customer understanding of HIP benefits, provide quality assurance, and offer internal development of new products or services.


  • Increased customer understanding in the benefits of HIP
  • Quality assurance for integrity of PM densification and HIP cladding
  • Internal development/testing of new products/services
  • Evaluation of the effect of HIP on novel material combinations
  • Testing to applicable ASTM and MPIF standards
  • Failure analysis tool
  • Collaboration with customers for development projects
  • Technical support for Bodycote and our customers.

Application & materials

This is a value-added service for Bodycote customers for proof of concept, quality assurance, and technical support.

All materials that can be HIPed can be evaluated in the laboratory.

Process details

  • Provide technical expertise in materials characterization and behaviour
  • Assure integrity of HIP PM billets by argon analysis and pycnometric density measurement
  • Illustrate effects of HIP on a microstructural level via metallography and image analysis software
  • Evaluate bond interfaces with SEM/EDS analysis
  • Provide customer technical support.