The vital link in the manufacturing supply chain

As the world’s leading provider of heat treatments and specialist thermal processing technologies, Bodycote operates an international network of quality accredited facilities in support of prime manufacturers and their supply chains, improving the properties of metals and alloys, adding value through optimised performance and extending the life of components.

Customer focused, quality assured

We never forget that our customers have invested time, money and resources in all the components we process, which is why quality comes as a standard part of our service, ensuring that our customers’ components are treated with care throughout.

Our facilities hold numerous international, national and customer approvals appropriate to the services they offer and the markets they serve. Bodycote operates a 24/7 service, using the latest technology and equipment, and a highly skilled, experienced workforce. Our customers can be confident their demands can be met, however stringent, with assured quality, cost-effectiveness and on-time completion every time.

An unrivalled network

Bodycote brings all the benefits of a large global company with local facilities focused on your needs – the technical expertise of the entire group, a wealth of metallurgical experience accumulated over decades of treating components from all industrial sectors, the most comprehensive range of services and an equipment network that can provide back-up capacity and processing options.

Further, our transport services are linked with process and production controls to deliver optimum logistics solutions for supply chain customers.

We understand your challenges

Bodycote has a history of working together with customers to assist them with advancing their products through thermal processing related improvements, providing performance solutions for virtually every issue.

Whether it’s the ultimate protection for stainless steel, or heat treatment to allow an aircraft turbine blade to operate beyond its melting point, Bodycote has delivered some of the most innovative and technologically advanced materials solutions available, giving our customers the competitive edge.

Serving your market

Bodycote is experienced in providing materials solutions for virtually every market sector, including aerospace & defence, power generation, oil & gas, automotive, construction, tooling, medical and transportation, to name a few.

The partner of choice

Bodycote has supported thousands of customers, from global primes to local manufacturers, who recognise the many advantages of outsourcing their heat treatment to the world’s leading supplier

Our customers may require an ad-hoc heat treatment service at a facility local to their manufacturing plant, or a global solution incorporating various stages of their supply chain and several of our core technologies. Our operations are managed by some of the best engineers, scientists and technicians in the industry, with the experience and expertise to deliver vital support and a real understanding of customer requirements at all levels, from conventional subcontract arrangements to top level strategic partnerships.

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