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The world’s leading aerospace and defence companies entrust their products to Bodycote’s care.

Bodycote holds all relevant international and national aerospace quality accreditations – such as ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO 14001 and Nadcap – as well as those of all the major aerospace and defence companies, where we hold ‘preferred supplier’ status.

Bodycote customers can be confident their demands can be met, however stringent, with assured quality, cost-effectiveness and on-time completion every time.

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Providing exceptional customer service is the foundation of everything we do.

Component reliability can determine your operation’s success. That’s why we invest in and provide you with progressive technology and a team that can deliver the highest quality every time. Bodycote ensures your components deliver maximum performance that’s more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Aerospace and defence companies around the world trust Bodycote to deliver high performance coatings.

Surface Technology

As one of the first industries to fully adopt thermally sprayed coatings into the design of precision engineered components, aerospace applications have been a focus of Bodycote’s thermal spray activities. Bodycote offers over 100 key thermally sprayed aerospace applications for a range of material properties.

Advanced thermal spray coating applications include:

  • Thermal insulation and thermal conductivity
  • Wear
  • Oxidation
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Sealing systems
  • Vibration, sound absorbance, chrome conversion
  • Component repair

Thermal spray processes:

  • HVOF
  • Plasma
  • Combustion Spray


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Sealing solutions

Bodycote offers a range of sealing solutions to enhance coating performance.

  • Organic sealers
  • Pressure sealing
  • HVOF seal

Precision finishing and inspection

All our coating facilities are equipped with precision and finishing machines capable of achieving surface requirements to the highest standards.

Key processes include

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • Super-finishing
  • Non-destructive testing
  • CMM measurement - Coordinate measuring machine
  • Robotised polishing 
  • In-house laboratories



Under REACH, hard chrome plating is heavily restricted; Bodycote Surface Technology acknowledges the mandate to replace chrome with alternative, less harmful materials which meet the legislative criteria. We offer environmentally friendly coating solutions as a direct alternative to chrome plate, providing superior wear and corrosion resistance.

Our HVOF and plasma coatings are already being designed and used as a direct alternative for hard chrome plate for specific components including:

  • Aircraft landing gear
  • Flight control – Actuation
  • Propeller hubs
  • Gas turbine journals and shafts

01Landing Gear


The nature and position of this critical component demands both strength and high resistance to wear and corrosion to fulfil design requirements. Environmentally friendly thermal spray processes such as HVOF have superseded traditional coating methods to aid corrosion and wear resistance properties. HVOF-applied tungsten carbide is proven against hard chrome plate as a direct replacement.



Aircraft engines are designed and built to work in extreme conditions and meet ever changing environmental legislations. Coatings are used to improve engine efficiency by enhancing anti-fretting, anti-galling and wear resistance, providing protection for the base material and extending service life.

03Main Gear Box


In gearbox assemblies, all critical parts are designed for resistance to vibration, high pressure and temperatures - typical military helicopter specifications require the main gearbox to perform at full power for up to two hours without oil. Bodycote provides surface coating treatments which are essential to high precision, hydraulic control components.

04Main Rotor

Main rotor.

he rotor must withstand centrifugal forces, vibration, abrasion, and corrosion, whilst turning the blades and providing essential inputs to flight control components. HVOF coating is applied to improve resistance, whilst tail rotor blades receive surface coatings to improve their abrasion resistance.

05Drive Shaft

Drive Shaft.

The tail rotor and gearbox’s dependency on the main gearbox requires the long drive shaft to be extremely strong, yet lightweight. HVOF coating delivers the required resistance to corrosion and vibration..

06Flight Control

Flight Control.

Flight controls are essential to all aircraft. For example helicopter flight controls are essential to drive the speed and pitch of the rotor blades. Surface technology treatments are applied to improve resistance and increase precision, while maintaining lightweight.



A rocket relies on its propulsion system for thrust at take-off and again in space to change velocity. High nickel and refractory alloys are used to meet these demands and extend component life under these extreme operating environments. A comprehensive range of fused coatings are used to isolate the environment preventing oxidation of the underlying material.



Aerostructures need to be lightweight and at the same time withstand mechanical stresses and vibrations. In addition, pylon components are subjected to high loads and sometimes elevated temperatures. Aluminium and titanium alloys are often used for their low density but have poor sliding properties and a tendency to galling. Thermal spray coatings, such as Molybdenum, Tribaloy®, tungsten carbide, CuNiI alloy are solutions that offer temperature resistance, sliding, fretting and anti-galling properties.

Coating Solutions

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Coating Solutions

Global solutions

As the global leader in thermal processing, Bodycote has been at the forefront of surface engineering technologies, developing a world-class range of thermal spray, diffusion and slurry coatings.

Our Surface Technology operations span three continents and are managed by some of the best engineers and technicians in the industry, with the experience and expertise to provide vital support and a real understanding of customer requirements.

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in 22 countries...

Operating an international network of facilities and serving a wide range of industries, Bodycote is the world’s largest and most respected provider of thermal processing services – a vital link in the manufacturing supply chain.

As the global leader in thermal processing, Bodycote has been at the forefront of surface engineering technologies, developing a world-class range of thermal spray, diffusion and slurry coatings.

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