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Surface technology

Surface technology is a process used extensively to prolong the working life of components and protect them from environmental factors such as corrosion and abrasion.

Bodycote are technology specialists in the provision of high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF), plasma, organic, ceramic, polymer and Sherardizing coatings. Built upon this competence and backed by a customer-driven service, the company provides a vast array of surface technology coating solutions to suit your specific needs. We can even develop specific surface coatings based on your application environment. Surface technology products and services range from coating services; coating and application development; specialist coating sealing technologies; complete manufacture, through to the supply of coating materials and technology transfer.

As the global leader in thermal processing, Bodycote surface technology has been at the forefront of surface engineering technologies, developing a world-class range of thermal spray, thermal diffusion and slurry coatings. Our surface technology operations are managed by some of the best engineers and technicians in the industry, with the experience and expertise to provide vital support and a real understanding of customer requirements.

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