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Chairman’s message

As Chairman I have taken a leading role in supporting the governance agenda and upholding good principles of corporate behaviour at Bodycote recognising that good governance serves to ensure that the business is run to achieve growth on a controlled and ongoing basis. There have been various changes during the year to the narrative and remuneration reporting regulations. The Board has reviewed and discussed the impact of these new regulations and has implemented them where appropriate. The important governance developments at Bodycote over the last year are detailed in Governance reporting below.

We have made a number of improvements in Board processes and will continue to do so in the coming year. During Q3 of 2014 we will update our review of the Group’s strategy, capitalising on the work performed in September 2013.

The policy of the Board is to manage the affairs of the Company in accordance with the principles of corporate governance contained in the UK Corporate Governance Code by promoting wide discussions on topics to which Board members contribute and demonstrate mutual engagement. We strive to maintain best practice and continually seek to improve our practices for the benefit of our shareholders.

Alan Thomson