Corr-I-Dur® is a proprietary Bodycote process which enhances wear properties and significantly improves corrosion resistance. The process is a combination of various thermochemical process steps, including gas nitrocarburising and oxidising. Wear and corrosion resistant layers are created which show a dark grey to black colour.

Corr-I-Dur® has very little effect on distortion and dimensional changes of components. Compared to carburising and carbonitriding, dimensional changes are significantly lower. Dimensional changes can further be positively influenced by varying the process parameters. By diffusion of carbon and nitrogen into the surface, a diffusion zone and compound layer are created. The compound layer determines the component's wear properties, while the diffusion zone influences the mechanical and dynamic properties. The achievable surface hardness mainly depends on the base material.

Applications range from single components to serial products, including a wide range of materials such as unalloyed construction and case hardened steels. Quenched and tempered steel can also be treated. For many components from the automotive and hydraulic industries, engineering and mining industries, Corr-I-Dur® is an excellent alternative to salt bath nitriding with oxidation.