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Cold isostatic pressing

Transmits pressure uniformly in all directions to compact metal, plastic, composite or ceramic powders enclosed in a flexible, sealed container and immersed in a pressure vessel filled with water at ambient temperature.

  • Creates a preform of mechanically pressed powder of high enough density to undergo further manufacturing steps as a solid
  • Allows low packing factor powders to achieve high enough density for encapsulation and HIP
  • Eliminates possibility of contamination by die wall lubricants
  • Forms solid preform without the need of binders.

CIP creates relatively simple shape performs, or compacts, from powders that can then undergo further processing steps as a solid such as encapsulation and HIP to achieve full density. Compactible powders include metals, ceramics, polymers and composites.

Compacts powders to achieve sufficient “green strength” to permit handling as a solid for future process operations.