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HIP supporting services

Bodycote offers global technical support for customers by providing HIP-related laboratory services and powder metallurgy near net shape (PM NNS) product design and development.

Our in-house metallurgical laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art systems for powder characterisation, metallography and microscopy including density and porosity measurement, argon content, and SEM/EDS (scanning electron microscope/energy dispersive spectrometer) analysis. Some examples of laboratory services include:

  • As cast versus post HIP microstructures to prove the benefits of HIP
  • Documenting material behaviour at HIP bonded interfaces
  • Argon analysis as a valuable quality control tool to assure the integrity of encapsulated HIP PM

Bodycote’s near net shape solutions are supported by our vast experience in designing complex and challenging products for the PM HIP process. Design engineers collaborate with the customer to cover all requirements and inputs and to maximize the benefits of this approach. We offer tailor-made solutions to create cost effective products, minimizing material usage, machining and welding. The PM HIP route enables our designers to offer solutions not possible with conventional manufacturing methods.

Bodycote utilizes state-of-the-art computer modeling and software for simulation and analysis created exclusively for the HIP process. CAD creates 3D models illustrating the desired geometry to be delivered. The main focus is to add value by exploiting the unique attributes of the PM HIP technique, and close collaboration with the customer is critical.

The follow-on design stage consists of creating manufacturing models. Virtual iterative trials are performed using finite element analysis (FEA) software run in a high-performance computer cluster, utilizing materials properties input and historical data from the ‘real life’ PM HIP process. Manufacturing models and drawings are optimized to ensure product delivery as agreed to and in accordance with customer requirements. Our design engineers can demonstrate solutions that you may not know are possible! Bodycote can elevate your product design, economy and throughput to give you an edge on the competition.