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HIP product fabrication

Imagine a component with no weaknesses, no cracks due to welding, optimised weight and material properties, and a superior lifetime – all achievable by metal powder processing without expensive machining and deliverable in weeks rather than months.

Bodycote is able to provide these benefits to customers through powder metallurgy (PM) via HIP product fabrication. Bodycote’s Powdermet® technology encompasses both powder metallurgy and diffusion bonding, either separately or as part of the same manufacturing process. Powders are HIPed in the solid state to form fully dense material with superior physical properties versus traditional PM or forging production. This is accomplished by either encapsulating powder in a complex-shaped sheet metal canister to achieve a post-HIP near net shape (HIP PM NNS), using the same technique modified to allow selected surfaces to be net shape, or manufacturing a simply shaped preform as starting material for further fabrication steps.

HIP enables dissimilar materials, either in powder or solid form, to become fused on an atomic level, known as diffusion bonding or cladding. This bonding process is ideal in powder metallurgy for selective placement of premium materials on more economical substrates and for high temperature applications where adhesives cannot be used. Bodycote provides the design, modeling, engineering and quality assurance expertise to support its customers’ needs for powder metallurgy HIP product fabrication.

Learn more by clicking here to view our 'HIP Product Fabrication' presentation.

Powdermet® a registered trademark owned by Bodycote.