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Chicago Heat Treatment Plant


1975 North Ruby Street, Melrose Park,





Phone: +1 708 344 4080

Fax: +1 708 344 4010

Plant Introduction:

Bodycote is the industry leader in heat treating. We offer customers a variety of heat treating services including vacuum heat treating, brazing, plasma nitriding, annealing and others. Our Chicago heat treat plant practice the highest standards of quality control.

Our experienced heat treating team takes your requirements very seriously. Our staff consists of the most highly skilled heat treaters in the business, ensuring that your parts are monitored, controlled, heat treated and inspected with quality and integrity. Our team of heat treating professionals is efficient, customer-focused, and we build our business around providing you with premium service. Call us to discuss how we can assist you with heat treating your parts efficiently, with exceptional quality and service.

Our extensive range of heat treating furnace equipment includes vacuum, batch, and pit furnaces. We have the expertise and technology to handle the most demanding project requirements and specifications. We expertly heat treat a variety of materials including aluminum, titanium, nickel, as well as a variety of steels including tool steel, carbon, stainless, alloy and corrosion-resistant steel. Coupled with our oil, water, and salt quench capabilities, our massive inventory of heat treating equipment in Illinois provides us with the ability to heat treat an array of metals to an extensive list of specifications. Contact us first for expert handling and heat treating.

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