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Powder metallurgy - Selective surface net shape

Manufacture of powder metallurgy (PM) components with selected net shape surface(s) (SSNS) designed to meet customers’ specific needs and minimize finish machining operations on expensive and difficult to machine materials.

  • Manufacture of complex powder metallurgy components with up to 95% of as-HIPed surfaces requiring no machining after HIP
  • Greatly reduces finishing operations to minimize scrap and working of difficult to machine and / or expensive materials
  • Powder metallurgy HIP decreases the number of fabrication process steps and eliminates the necessity for a complicated supply chain
  • Provides isotropic material properties and uniform, fine-grained microstructure for optimized mechanical properties
  • Mechanical properties comparable to wrought products achieved via a metal powder processing route that creates clean, reproducible components in a significantly shorter lead time than cast or forged parts

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Powder metallurgy (PM) HIP technology is ideally suited to produce components with a high proportion of surfaces that require little or no finishing operations. Typical product examples include complex aerospace, marine and off-shore components such as combustion casings, pump housings, flow valves, and manifolds. Powder metallurgy HIP selective surface net shapes pertain especially to the production of large, complex components from alloys which are difficult to machine and cannot necessarily be manufactured by conventional casting or forging techniques.

Common alloys utilised for PM HIP SSNS include stainless steels and titanium and nickel based alloys.

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The powder metallurgy HIP selective surface net shape process enables fabrication of complicated geometries, thereby producing a component with minimized finishing operations and selected net shape surfaces. Bodycote’s expertise encompasses the entire process from capsule design based on the customer’s final part specifications through powder encapsulation, densification and quality assurance operations.

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